Types of enginering

Understanding the basics of engineering

Engineering is a science that involves lots of different aspects. Engineers are basically designers but are more than that. They manage projects, design projects and oversee the implementation of these projects. Civil engineering is that branch of engineering that deals with construction of buildings, roads, bridges and other kinds of construction projects. Electrical engineers deal with electricity, both high voltage applications such as power generation and low voltage applications such as electronics. Mechanical engineers design, service, produce and maintain things like car engines, machinery, heavy equipment and dirt and air separator among others.

How to become an engineer

It takes a long time to become an engineer. A person needs to join a university or college with a faculty of engineering. They need to qualify for the course they intend to study as requirements are pretty high. Once an aspiring student gains admission, they will need to study hard for four years and pass their exams. During the study period, students undergo practical lessons, laboratory lessons, tutorials as well as regular tests, assignments and examinations. Hard work and long hours of study are essential for a successful completion of the course. Upon graduation, the now successful graduate can seek employment or internship as a graduate engineer.

Registration of engineers

Even then, the person cannot be considered an engineer until they have worked competently in their intended field of specialization and then apply to the relevant registration board. There are various boards that register engineers in the UK and an application, accompanied with the relevant paperwork and fees need to be submitted. There are exams to sit and after success in these exams set by the board, the graduate will now be successfully known as an engineer. This is no mean feat and they will be able to take charge of design projects on their own.

Engineers have to renew their certificates at least once every year so they maintain continuity in their practice. They, however, need not sit exams every time they renew their certificates. Once a person qualifies as an engineer and is registered, they should expect to find work as soon as possible. Engineers across the world are in short supply and demand is very high. They are likely to find jobs in oil and gas, heavy engineering, mining and industrial operations. Firms that design engines, diesel generators, heavy machinery, equipment and other products also need the services of qualified engineers.


Any person with a passion for engineering should pursue their passion to the end. A good engineer is likely to earn lots of money on their job and is likely to have a very rewarding career. However, there will be lots of hard work required. Engineers are also likely to rise to management level at some point of their career. This is because of the project management skills they posses. Those who get into design will have the opportunity to be innovative and design things such as next generation cars and engines, modern diesel generators and lots of other amazing products.

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